Grass is not greener

Luke 15: 1-7. As I re-read Luke’s parable of the lost sheep this morning I am reminded of the time when my family and I raised Black Angus cows. Shortly after the cows caved in the spring the caves would crawl through to the other side of the fence. The caves did this to get their mothers attention and to irritate their owner (me). Initially it worked and I would go over to the other side of the fence and move the caves back to be with their mothers. It wasn’t long before both the mother (cows) and I stopped paying them any attention. In other as soon as the caves stopped getting attention they stopped crawling through the fence.
So this morning I wonder what you might truly think about Jesus leaving the ninety-nine sheep while He looked for that one lost sheep. How would that make you feel? Folks no one told the sheep to go astray and believe me when I tell you that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Thinking about it now I laugh at how the cows and caves acted.
Peace always, Bro. Don

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