Rev. Josh’s Referrals

Follow this study guide and you will find a new way to connect with God!

Why S.O.A.P. it?

It’s one thing to simply read scripture, but when you interact with it, when you learn to slow down to REALLY read it, suddenly words start popping off the page. By ‘SOAPing’ your verses you are able to dig deeper into scripture and “see” more than if you simply read the verses and then went on your merry way. Let me encourage you to take the time to S.O.A.P. the daily verses and see for yourself how much more you get out of your daily reading……you’ll be amazed.


A Collection of Reference Books in PDF Format


There are 250 Free Books addressing Christian Literary Topics written by some of the most devout men and women that God has raised up!

To view the available titles, please click on the icon below:


This video depicts a wonderful description of the Great Prayer Awakening starting in NYC in 1857 and spreading across the United States and even elsewhere. (Referenced in Rev. Ben Day’s April 28 sermon)

Revival Born In A Prayer Meeting:  A six (6) page document, written about this event, may be viewed by following this link:


Some Recommended Bible and Study Reference Web Sites