Fuel Program

An acronym for ‘Full Uv Emmaus Love’
Ms. Denise Skidmore is the original Founder of F.U.E.L. Ministries, INC
Initiated in October, 2004

F.U.E.L. is a non-profit organization designed to feed children whose only food source may be the food they receive at or from a school.

Over past years since its establishment, this ministry has spread throughout Middle Tennessee, neighboring states and even to distant parts of our nation. It has grown to a point that a non-profit organization is being created to oversee and coordinate its expansion efforts. The F.U.E.L. ministry is also known as ‘Backpack Ministries’.

School officials and teachers report that children, who were previously problem children because of their physical hunger, are no longer or less of a discipline problem as a result of the F.U.E.L. Program. By increasing caloric in-take and improving their nutritional status, students can concentrate on studying and classwork. Student grades have been shown to improve. Many children have an increase in self-esteem as well.

Locally, the program provides weekend nutritional snacks for children identified by our local school, Centertown Elementary, as being under nourished and in need of foodstuffs over a weekend.  Each week, bags of nutritional snacks are delivered to the school at the end of the week where they are discreetly placed in the backpacks of those children identified by the school as undernourished through the weekend and returning to school on Monday hungry.  Included foods are a variety of fruit juices, granola bars, fruit bars, etc…    At the close of the last school year, 38 snack bags were being prepared and delivered each week.  Additionally, some other community churches, of various denominations, participate financially in this ministry outreach.