CUMC Minister’s Page

Rev. Josh Newberry and family. 

The Pastor’s Role and Calling

We have multiple ministries in the church in order to give a well-balanced spiritual diet to the congregation. The reason for many failures in the pulpit is that people place more emphasis on the gifts and professionalism, instead of a life dedicated to the Lordship of Christ; this in no way precludes or excludes professionalism in ministerial service and conduct. This is Pastoral Leadership and Care 101.

We cannot afford to be nonchalant in our pastoral ministry or in our leadership capacity at any level. If we take on the mantle of pastor, we are proclaiming that by God’s grace and direction, we will be salt, light, moral guide and agent of change.

It is taking responsibility for the call in our lives as minister and protector of those in our charge. If we take the que será-será, whatever-will-be-will-be approach, we will have fewer or maybe no confrontations in our ministry. Unfortunately, that will not bring about the necessary change for church renewal or a lasting solution for the one seeking help as an individual or as a group. Pastoral Care should be directed toward those that cannot help themselves.

As Pastor I believe that holistic Christian living includes embracing a person’s spirituality, health, mental strength, emotional stability, vocation or work choice and recreation and relaxation. A holistic Christian strives to make sure that all of life and living is dedicated to God the Father and His kingdom. A holistic Christian life is free of the dichotomy of sacred and secular.

Jesus did not come to earth as President, General or King. He emptied himself of celestial glory and became a man; vulnerable and in a sense handicapped as compared to His life with the Father. In this manner He could empathize with His creation. He came to the place where we were; weak, vulnerable, lonely and broken. He did not tell us to get over our sin problem; He was made to be sin for us. (2 Cor. 5:21)

Jesus invites us to a place of brokenness and vulnerability. He will then empower us and trust us to take care of individuals, families, and the community. Pastoral care entails the thoughtful reinterpretation of the tradition that shapes Christian identity as that tradition is brought into dialogical relationship with contemporary culture and its impact on the community of Christians as well as other individuals. This definitely goes beyond the scope of preaching two or three times a week. Pastors not only interpret, they help others interpret their circumstances, not being satisfied with clichés or simplistic answers.
As we work together with the direction, power and help of the Holy Spirit:

  • We will embrace a multicultural society with the purpose of crossing boundaries, healing hearts, and restoring lives.
  • We will set free those who are bound by generational strongholds, through relevant Biblical teaching.
  • We will sustain, equip and deploy those transformed into the Body of Christ by the Power  of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you and this community.