Church Officials/Staff

Centertown U.M.C officers beginning January 1st, 2018
*The Charge Conference or Church Conference can only be authorized by the district superintendent, and cannot be held otherwise. Church officials are elected by the Charge Conference upon the recommendation from the committee of nominations or from the floor of the conference 249. The purpose of the church council is to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church 252.1. Nominations for 2018 elections!

*Chair of Administrative Board Joanna Lorance (2015-2018)
Administrative assistant Jackie Elliott
Recording Secretary Heather Shehane
*Lay Leader Mike Lorance
*Pastor Parish Relations Chair Chris Cope
*Treasurer Patty Underwood / Michelle Bodey
*Finance Larry Elliott
Vice Finance Chair
Stewardship Timothy Bodey, Sr
Barbara Wilson, John Robinson, Gail Flanders
*UMW President Joanna Lorance
*UMM President Nathan Bouldin
*Trustees Chair Tim Bodey
*Lay Member / Annual Conference Joanna Lorance
Alternate / Annual Conference Jackie Elliott
*Nominations Chair Pastor
Older Adult Ministry Mike Lorance, B.J. Meeks
Youth Ministry Caleb Shehane, Chris Cope
Mission Ministries Donnie Caldwell
Sunday School Superintendent Bobby Wilson
Alternate B.J. Meeks

Committee on nominations and leadership: The Chair of this committee is the minister. This committee is nominated and then elected at the charge conference. The Lay Leader is a member of this committee. The committee meets quarterly unless called.*Nominations in bold are nominated and can be recommended from the floor of the Charge Conference. Book of Discipline – 258.1
2018 2019 2020
George Patterson Gail Flanders Andy Winfree
Al Kruize Thelma Hibdon Margie Anderson
Osvaldo Lopez
Pastor Parish Relations Committee: The *chair for nomination is Chris Cope. The Lay Leader and Annual Conference Lay member are members of the PPR. All issues and/or concerns in the church should be directed through the chair of this committee. Book of Discipline – 258.2
2018 2019 2020
B.J. Meeks Nathan Bouldin Donnie Caldwell
Dianne Page Bobby Wilson Chris Cope

Board of Trustees shall be 1/3 laywomen and 1/3 laymen, and at least 2/3 of them be professing members. The trustees elect their *chairperson annually. It is recommended that the board have a vice chairperson. The trustees are responsible for all the church property, repairs, and insurance of the property. Use of the church or the church’s buildings for weddings, formals, parties for meetings—must be approved by the pastor and or the trustees. Book of Discipline – 2524
2018 2019 2020
Nadine Winfree Dan Aldridge Tim Bodey
Barbara Wilson Todd Ratley Micah Lorance
Kris Pawlak

Finance Committee is elected by the charge conference. The finance chairperson, the pastor, chair of the church council, chair of the pastor parish relations committee, the lay leader, the lay member to the annual conference, trustee representative, stewardship, financial secretary and the treasurer. Book of Discipline 258.4
Parsonage Committee is the pastor, trustees’ chair or representative of the trustees of both churches. The parsonage committee is invited to inspect the parsonage on a regular basis. Book of Discipline 2532.4
The church council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of Nurture, Outreach, and Witness ministries. It is recommended that the first agenda item at each council meeting be related to its ministries of Nurture, Outreach and Witness 252.3b. See Book of Discipline 252.1

Local Church Program Ministries
Building Committee: Larry Elliott, Wayne Page, Donnie Caldwell, Mike Lorance, Andy Winfree, Barbara Wilson, Jackie Elliott, Joanna Lorance, Tim Bodey, Michelle Bodey
Outreach / Witness team: Donnie Caldwell, Joanna Lorance, Phyllis Nash, Andy Winfree, Carly Bruce, Wayne Page, Dianne Page, Michelle Bodey, Kathy Christian
Membership: Phyllis Nash
Worship Chair: Morgan Bouldin, Wayne Page, Caleb Shehane, Barbara Wilson, Heather Shehane, Tyler Keener, Nadine Winfree, Kris Pawlak, Tommy Gilley
Education/Nurture Chair: Emily Lopez, Bobby Wilson, Claudia Caldwell, Gail Flanders, B.J. Meeks, Patty Underwood, Barbara Wilson, Nadine Winfree, Chris Cope, Joyce Powell
Communications Chair: Nathan Bouldin, Morgan Bouldin, Tim Bodey, Tyler Keener, Kathy Gilley, Wayne Page
Food Ministry: Joanna Lorance, Andy Winfree, Barry Boyd, Joyce Powell, Wayne Page, John Robinson, Michelle Bodey, George Patterson, Allen & Kathy Christian, Dan Aldridge,
Food Pantry: Michelle Bodey
Fuel Ministry: Al Kruize, Dawn Kruize,
Communion to the shut-ins: Wayne & Dianne Page, George Patterson, Thelma Hibdon, B.J. Meeks
Conference requirements:
Native American Ministries: Barbara Wilson
Coordinating Mailing Recipient: Wayne Page
Website: Wayne Page
Historian: Dianne Page, Phyllis Nash
Higher Education/ Martin Rep: Phyllis Nash
Older Adult Ministry: Mike Lorance & B.J. Meeks
Youth Ministry: Caleb Shehane, Osvaldo & Emily Lopez, Chris Cope
Children’s Ministry: Nadine Winfree, Nikki Reynolds, Carly Bruce, Heather Shehane, Deanne Todd
Inclusiveness: George Patterson & Thelma Hibdon
Missions: Carly Bruce
Safe Sanctuaries: Ben Day